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3-D Transparency / Stereo Slide Scanning

Wheeler Arts graphic design studio was established in 1973.
Designs include large and small publications, newsletters, brochures, books, and more
Publisher and owner of QuickArt®, high-quality clip art illustrations and professional photographs for desktop publishing.
Creator of innovative system for scanning stereo slides (realist 3-D transparencies) in a dedicated slide scanner.

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Stereo slide
3-D Slide Scans

Scanning "Realist" Stereo Transparencies available at Wheeler Arts.

Stereo slides (in Realist format) are cleaned with compressed air to remove surface dust
and scanned at 36-bit color in a dedicated slide/film scanner (not a flatbed scanner).

Your stereo slides and their mounts are not disturbed in the scanning process.

Options include: scanning a pair (both left and right) or a single (left or right) window.
Image files are shipped on Hybrid (PC & Macintosh) CDs or DVDs and shipped with the returned slides.

Design by Wheeler Arts
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